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IPA's instruction and training gives our students an extra boost to strenghten the knowledge and skills they learned during the school year. Our assessments will identify your child's academic level of functioning. 



We can provide an independent evaluation to help with programming for your child with special needs in any of the following areas: Early Childhood; Emotional Impairment; Visual Impairment; Deaf-Blind and Cognitive Impairment.


We can assess your art or transitional portfolio to help you with planning the next steps before/after graduation or high school completion. 




IPA wants to assist you and your son/daughter through researching resources that will benefit the educational and tranistional

environments or experiences.


We can assist you with educational programming activities for after school and/or the home schooled enviornment.


Let us also help you develop a plan for post high school.



Assistive technology is technology used by individuals with disabilities in order to perform functions that might otherwise be difficult or impossible. IPA staff can assess your child's need and provide training with AT devices to support their independent living skill development.


If you are  a student, adult or senior and want to "brush up" or learn basic skills to use a computer, we'll help you get started with that touch tablet you just got. 






Our unique educational division offers Art Education. We work with youth, mature adults and seniors to nuture ones creative skills artistically.  Our students are taught basic art and design concepts. We specialize but are not limited to offering acrylic/watercolor painting, and a wide range of drawing techniques. We want the experience to invirograte you and rekindle that desire to be creative and explore your potential. 


Planning a Staff Appreciation activity, why not do it with an art workshop? Call us...


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